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Zoloft is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor to treat depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, certain types of social anxiety conditions.


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Zoladex Side Effects - Complete Patient's Guide | User Reviews: Female patient, 50 years of age, was diagnosed |Sleep Problems|Stiff Legs|Chills And Leg Pain|Tachycardia|Blood .

A grenade is a small explosive device that is projected a safe distance away by its user. Soldiers called grenadiers specialize in the use of grenades.


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Q. After my doctor prescribed simvastatin, I gradually began to lose my libido. I didn't realize that this medication was responsible, but after I dumped the drug because of .

WebMD explains how an upper endoscopy is conducted to help determine the extent of digestive problems like heartburn and acid reflux.

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