small white bumps near my uvula

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White bumps on my uvula (hangy thing in the back of mouth) Open to All small white bumps near my uvula Other Health Topics

Tiny flesh colored bumps on soft palate of mouth. About 6 months ago one very small soft flesh colored bump on my labia small white bumps near my uvula appeared. It was pai. the hard and soft palate join.

I have a small white spot on the side of my throat that looks like a somewhat hard white dot extruding out to a point The spot is about the size of a small BB It has been thera .

Roland: Dermatalogy tons of small white spores on face that can be picked off with tweezers

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My uvula is swollen and white spot on itMy uvula is swollen and white spot on it - Posted Tue, 8 Feb 2011, 1 answers, Doctor has answered this question.

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For a week I had bad acid reflux and thought my scratchy throat was due to this. I used to have sore throats constantly and a few weeks ago had patches on my tonsils which went .

Health and Fitness Information . recently i noticed that I have a couple of red bump-type things on the sides of my tongues but only in the back. also, it seems like there .

Hello all I fully intend on going to the doctor next week but I wanted to know if I could get some idea of what could be going on First of all I m small white bumps near my uvula a 22 year old female For .

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ulcer on Uvula! : 140 messages in this subject . It must be the most painful thing in the world!! Uvula has swollen up, got longer (?) and catches my tongue

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